Build services using accurate data

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Registers make sure that services across government are using the approved versions of data.

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Accurate, consistent and managed by custodians

Registers are live lists of data, each managed by a custodian from within government. They represent the government’s approved version of that data.

For example, the country register is managed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It’s the official list of all the countries in the world that the UK government recognises.

Government services benefit from using registers because they’re:

  • accurate – you can trust the data
  • consistent – all services are using the same data
  • updated for you – you can focus on your service rather than the accuracy of the data you’re using

You can see all the registers available to use or check the roadmap to see new registers we’re working on.

Registers in numbers

Create or request a new register

Contact the GOV.UK Registers team to:

  • suggest yourself as the custodian for a new register
  • request a register that your service needs

The data will need to meet the criteria needed to become a register.

The team

GOV.UK Registers is built and supported by a full-time team at the Government Digital Service.

Contact the team if you have any questions.