Statistical geography Register

View the register here. If you have a question or want to give feedback on the register contact the team.

The statistical geography register contains the codes for each type of statistical geography within the UK. A statistical geography is a way to divide the UK into areas, e.g. by local authorities or by constituencies. The Office for National Statistics assigns codes to each geography, co-ordinates the issue of new codes, and maintains the relationship between active and archived code ranges on behalf of the Government Statistical Service. This register is the first of a set of registers that is planned to include all the codes currently published by the Office for National Statistics in a document called the Register of Geographic Codes

The geographies themselves are planned for future registers. For example, the Government Digital service and the Office for National Statistics plan to create a register of Unitary Authority areas in Wales, as used for statistics. That register will link to the statistical-geography register as well as the principal local authority register.

This page explains how the Government Digital Service is creating the register.

Read our guidance to find out more about the different phases involved in creating a register.

Register history


Started June 2017


Completed June 2017

Register updates

Discovery4. Agree dataset

June 2017

Mike Phelps-Cousins and the Register Design Authority agreed to include the following fields in the register:

  • statistical-geography (the unique code assigned to the geography)
  • name (the commonly used name of the geography)
  • area (the geographic area that a geography relates to, e.g. 'England', or 'Channel Islands'
  • start-date (the date that a geography began to be used for official statistics and was assigned a code)
  • end-date (the date that a geography ceased to be used for official statistics)

Discovery3. Agree a custodian

May 2017

Mike Phelps-Cousins, ONS Database Unit Manager, was confirmed as the custodian of the statistical-geography register. Mike Phelps-Cousins manages the customer services team, and produces all of the postcode products which link postcodes to a range of the statistical codes.

Backlog2. Register is accepted

May 2016

The statistical-geography-register was approved by Michelle Isme at GDS.

Backlog1. Request a register

May 2017

ONS proposed creating a register based on the existing Register of Geographic Codes.