Here’s a list of the new functionality the GOV.UK Registers team are working on over the next 6 to 9 months.

August to October 2017

  • test and improve the Manage your registers tool used by custodians
  • share a case study from a service using registers
  • release 6 new registers by September
  • create a user-friendly interface for redesigned register pages
  • design a mechanism to view register updates
  • explain the stages of progress involved in creating a register so users can view available registers
  • release a ‘plug and play’ picker allowing service teams to integrate data from a register
  • improve site navigation and orientation to help different user groups and their needs
  • explore how to share register updates
  • provide tools and support for users using register data alongside existing or legacy data
  • show a preview of data formats to users before downloading registers

October 2017 to January 2018

  • redesign the product homepage
  • provide online tools to help users check data for a potential register
  • create at least 6 new registers
  • allow users to choose filters with improved search functionality
  • support custodians to make a range of register updates

Contact the team if you’d like to know more about the plans in our roadmap.